It's that frightful time of year again! Try some of our
wonderfully scary treats for your fuzzy friend this
Halloween! They're so good, you'll howl for more!
Small Halloween Treats!
Small Pumpkin Treat!
One of our lucious peanut butter
Halloween Mini Bone!
A peanut butter bone dipped in
carob topping.
Small Mummy!
Peanut butter mummies!
Small Ghost!
A peanut butter ghost with yogurt
Small Bats!
Peanut butter bats!
Spooky Paws!
Peanut butter paws.
Large Halloween Treats!
Large Kitty Kats!
Peanut butter Kitties!
Pumpkin Bon Bon!
A great soft treat made with crisped rice
and honey.
Large Happy Leaf!
Peanut butter leaves!
Mummy Bone!
A carob bone dipped in yogurt
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Due to state and federal laws, we are unable to sell to the state of Vermont at this time.
We apologize for any inconvenience.
At this time we can only ship to the continental USA
Football Bones!
Carob dipped peanut butter
Halloween Hedgehog!
A large peanut butter treat dipped in
Evil Pumpkin!
Our most popular Halloween cookie!
Purple People Eater Bon Bon!
Made with crisped rice and honey,
this is a great soft treat!
Halloween Cupcake!
Our carob cupcake dipped
in yogurt topping!
Candy Corn!
Peanut butter at it's best!